Accepted Posters

A Method for Representing Complete Lattices in Theorem Provers
Benedict Lee, Adi Prabawa and Wei-Ngan Chin

D for a @safer Linux Kernel
Constantin Eduard Staniloiu, Alexandru Militaru and Razvan Nitu

Towards Modular Regression Verification
Hoang Duong Thien Nguyen, Graeme Gange, Toby Murray, Peter Schachte and Harald Søndergaard

Android Multitasking Mechanism: Formal Semantics and Static Analysis of Apps
Jinlong He, Taolue Chen, Ping Wang, Zhilin Wu and Jun Yan

Combining Dynamic Epistemic Logic and Process Algebra
Kiraku Minami

Grammar-based Static Type Checking for Graph Rewriting
Naoki Yamamoto and Kazunori Ueda

Disaggregated Network Packet Broker using Programmable Chip
Seokhwan Kong, Seungbeom Song and Jaiyong Lee

Certifying Graph-Manipulating C Programs via Localizations within Data Structures
Shengyi Wang, Qinxiang Cao, Anshuman Mohan and Aquinas Hobor

Inferring Simple Strategies for Efficient Quantified SMT Solving
Souta Yamauchi and Tachio Terauchi

Security, Privacy and Fairness Specifications for Neural Nets
Teodora Baluta, Kuldeep S. Meel and Prateek Saxena

Rewriting Extended (Omega-)Regular Expressions
Yahui Song

Towards United Reasoning for Automatic Induction in Isabelle/HOL
Yutaka Nagashima

Image segmentation and transformation by examples
Yuyi Zhong, Quang-Trung Ta and Siau-Cheng Khoo