Accepted Workshop Papers

A Constant-time Preserving C Compiler
Sandrine Blazy

A Survey on Technologies for Designing and Implementing Safe and Correct Distributed Software
Andreea Costea

A Verified Garbage Collector for Gallina
Shengyi Wang, Anshuman Mohan, Qinxiang Cao, Aquinas Hobor

Label-Dependent Session Types
Peter Thiemann, Vasco Vasconcelos

On Decidable Subtyping for Path Dependent Types
Julian Mackay, Yu Xiang Zhu, Alex Potanin, Jonathan Aldrich, Lindsay Groves

On Probabilistic Process
Yuxi Fu

Space-Efficient Gradual Typing in Coercion-Passing Style
Atsushi Igarashi, Yuya Tsuda, Tomoya Tabuchi

The Polynomial Complexity of Vector Addition Systems with States
Florian Zuleger

Towards Understanding and Reasoning about Android Interoperations
Sora Bae, Sungho Lee, Sukyoung Ryu

Anthony Widjaja Lin, Rupak Majumdar